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custom e-poems - examples
To Max: My Partner in Crime


"My partner Max has lived with me through the last 14 years of adventures going from a man with no kids to a man with 2 kids that he escorted through adolescence. They are now 17 & 20 and as I was climbing the career ladder to provide for the kids, he picked up the challenge of being the part-time stay-at-home step dad (he took long-term contracts a couple of times a year... probably just to get out of the house!). We now had reached a phase where we had more time to ourselves and our projects and were planning for our new adventures when my daughter moved back home with some serious needs and a whole bunch of drama. He patiently took a deep breath and reverted back to step dad, bringing her to appointments, rendezvous and generally just being around to help. He deserves a big standing ovation and an Oscar to boot! I don't know what I would do without his strength and dedication behind me. That's what I call UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!"

osmrtnic livno smrtovnice


They say behind every good man is a good woman
One who supports him without complaint
So if ever those tables happen to turn
It's so rare, he's considered a saint

When I was losing all hope, you entered the scene
At a time when my kids were in need
Instant parent, you took right to the task
And there were many adventures indeed

Just then, my career was taking off
You played part-time-stay-at-home-step-dad
As I climbed up the ladder in those teenage years
You dealt with the ugly, the good and the bad

The years were a friend and they finally moved out
It was our time for adventure and freedom
Then my eldest came back, full drama in tow
Just when we thought we no longer had to feed 'em!

Your patience victorious once again,
Your hairline perhaps a little thinner
But deep dedication is always your game
And, as usual, I am the winner

Max, what words can repay what you've done?
Your love is its own reward
You're my strength, unconditional, yoga of my soul
And you deserve a gigantic award

                                                    Love, Elaine


“That's pretty good! It sums up a lot of my feelings and incorporates personalized events to really get you in the heart.”

custom e-poems - examples
To Mark: My Partner in Music and in Life


“I have been married to my husband for a little over ten years. We've always dreamed of putting a CD together but, life has made that dream a little difficult...2 boys 20 months apart, one with Asperger's Disorder, the other strong-willed...Mark, working extensive hours, both of us being very involved with our church, (I leading worship, he's a part time Youth Pastor and leader in the church) always things taking up our time so that we can't finish this life long dream... But, on February 22nd, 2008, we will finally release our long awaited CD with our band Driving Reign. I want him to know how incredible this journey has been (through the good and the bad), that we have been blessed by God's Grace and to congratulate (or celebrate) our accomplishment.”


In every heart beats a melody sweet
That needs a harmony to be complete
When our hearts were joined it was Divine
For you are the rhythm and I am the rhyme

God brought us together, our voices to raise
He gave us talent, His name to praise
Our union was blessed, His mission was clear
Our boys to create, His music to hear

Life's obligations may have come in between
But we never lost sight of our life-long dream
Through daily routine, we would write a new song
Knowing time for recording would soon come along

We met half-way, what a welcome surprise
That our love could foster such a compromise
Our worlds finally merged and brought us together
A ring on your finger is now a promise forever

We patiently waited through those formative years
Cried when we laughed & smiled through the tears
Our faith saw us through and kept us inspired
While our Lord's love burned with a creative fire

Ten years have gone by and the time's finally ours
To showcase our worship of His heavenly powers
We did it, my sweetheart, there was never a doubt
We'd soon show the world what His love's all about

The song in my heart only plays your name
It's the source from which my true voice came
This journey could only have happened with you
Driving Reign was designed to be us two

                                                      Love, Janet


"I CANNOT believe you wrote this so fast! YOU GOT TALENT!!! It's absolutely beautiful and describes my feelings to a "T"! I read it to my Mom and we both cried!!! Thanks soooooooo much! I printed it and framed it and gave it to him on Valentine's Day. He loved it! He actually took his glasses off and wiped his eyes!!! The poem expressed everything I wanted to say to him."

osmrtnic livno smrtovnice