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custom e-poems - examples
To Jack and Sue: Thank You for your Hospitality


“The other night when I got home from work, my neighbor Jack was shoveling his driveway.  We said hello.  And then I realized I didn't have my house keys with me! I'd left them in my other coat! I have a key-pad on the garage door but it wouldn't work either. He offered his cell and I called my husband. He couldn't figure out why either so Jack invited me in to wait for him. I got to meet his wife, Sue, and his 2-year old daughter and 9-month old son. They were so cute! They both had little colds, coughing and sniffling. I was there for 2 hours. They offered supper; I said thanks but I really wanted to wait for my husband and have supper at home, I was just thankful that I had a place to hang while I waited.  I got a tour of the house. Jack was on-call so he had to do some work...one phone to his ear, cell phone rings, working on laptop, holding the baby in his arms, all at the same time...after he had a quick bite, prepared the bottle, took the baby downstairs with him and fed him while he worked some more. My husband showed up at 6:45 and I thanked them for their wonderful hospitality. I just want to thank them for being so nice to me and taking me in and we look forward to having them over too.”






There I stood, stranded at my door
Keyless and out in the cold
A different coat from the night before
Had my memory gotten that old?

Then a neighbor offered a helping hand
The gesture was far too kind
He knew that his wife would understand
She was lovely and didn’t mind

They welcomed me in their gorgeous home
At their busiest time of day
Juggling kids & dinner & ringing phones
Without making me feel in the way

It was all so very nice of you
Thank you from both me and my spouse
We’d love to make it up to you
By inviting you over to our house

                                   Nancy & Keith


“Yay! I'm gonna print it, stick it in a blank card and drop it in their mailbox! I guess I'll see them sometime this week and see their reaction. Thanks! Nancy.”

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