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To Cynthia: The One


"I want to write something for my fiancée...we had a long-distance relationship for years – I was in Montreal and she was in Toronto. It was tough and we often struggled with what we would do down the road, who would end up moving, etc. We finally live together in the same city (Ottawa) and are now engaged to be married. A little about her character: she is such a kind person, with a very sweet personality. I love being around her. I am really happy that we found a solution and managed to work it out. This is big for me, because before her, I only had casual relationships. But she changed all that. I can't find the words to tell her how overjoyed in love I am."


My life changed forever in 2003
That's when heaven sent an angel to me
Perhaps when love is not on your mind  
That's when it feels most ready to find
The miles between us could not get in our way
Our long-distance love grew deeper each day
Time spent apart only made me crave you more
I never had someone I could so fondly adore
Since time and distance were not on our side
There came a point when we would have to decide
Do we give up a love so rare and fulfilling
Or take the next step, if we both are willing?
We met half-way, what a welcome surprise
That our love could foster such a compromise       
Our worlds finally merged and brought us together
A ring on your finger is now a promise forever        
Dear, sweet Cynthia, always so kind and giving
Thank you for the best life I could ever be living
You are my best friend, my heart and my soul
You've brought my chaotic life under control orologi replica

                                                               Love, Tim 



"My fiancée was moved by this. At first, I tried to pass it off as my own, but she knew better! She was touched that I took the time to tell our story and have this written for her. You have a true talent, its great! I would also see poems like this as a great way to thank volunteers and major donors to my organization."

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