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To Pat & June, on their Wedding Day


My dad was married to my mom for 33 years. He met someone else, left my mom and is now marrying June. The last 4 years have been hard for all of us, a real rollercoaster of emotions, heartache and change.

However, I have always been very close to my dad and know that he hasn't gone through this without his fair share of pain, guilt and worry. He has been ostracized by many people, but he and June have managed to stay together through times of adversity and are much stronger for it.

I want to use this occasion to say to my dad that I love him and respect the choices he has made and hope that he will be happy with his new found soulmate, but don't want to lose him as a dad and granddad as he is more special to us than he will ever know.

I am married with three daughters and I somehow want to convey how important he is to us and how much we love him and want to let him know that we are happy that he is happy and respect the love he has for June and hope that we can all live an intergrated, close, fair and happy life together (she also has children) as well as repecting the lives we all shared together before the last 4 years, as those times are as important to me too.



Like a ship navigating every current
You’ve guided me like a tanker
Although perhaps you thought you weren’t
You’ve always been my anchor
Sometimes a ship takes a different course
And may hit some rocky shores
But you stayed afloat, a united force
Through the waves, your love still soars
As your families join onto this new fleet
Stay close, come sun or rough waters
Although your vessel may be complete
Keep some room for me and my daughters
So sail away, dad, let love prevail
Cruise with your love and be free
And when you feel a soft breeze on your sail
That will be me, yes that will be me
osmrtnic livno smrtovnice


I received your poem and I really liked it.  Thank you very much indeed!

I will definitely come back to you when another situation arises which could do with the personal touch!

Thank you again so very much. It did get across the message I was trying to say perfectly!

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