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custom e-poems - examples
To Melissa: A Vision of Tomorrow


"My cousin has just completed 5 years of medical school to become an Optometrist. She wrote her last exam this week and already has a job lined up. We are all very proud of her and would like to let her know that we support her. Can you come up with a clever poem that uses a play on words having to do with eyesight?"

osmrtnic livno smrtovnice


With your eye on the prize
You made no compromise
With your future in sight
You did everything right
You clearly showed vision
When you made your decision
You studied for so long
Always courageous and strong
Your career now in view
I am so proud of you
Everyone's in agreement
Of your zyoptic achievement 



"That is so clever! We gave her the poem with a bouquet of flowers and left it on her doorstep. She was surprised of course, but never anticipated a poem like this! Not only did it rhyme, but it used eyesight metaphors in a variety of ways. She was impressed and touched that we went through the trouble of customizing this for her. Thank you so much for adding a special touch!"