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custom e-poems - examples
To: My Sister



Funny, cute, sexy and smart
She’s got the whole thing down to an art
A little head-strong, but humble as pie
She’ll win you over with a wink of her eye

Emitting a confidence undeniable
She’s punctual, organized
replica orologi di lusso italia and reliable
A little bit anal, perhaps OCD
Oops! I guess I’m not writing about me!

Close you mouth, sis. You look like you’re squawking
You must know by now about whom I’m talking!
I couldn’t resist! You deserve to be praised.
So sue me – I guess it’s the way we were raised.

YOU are the best sister I could ever dream up
You support every notion I could ever scheme up
Perhaps I am all those things you said, yes.
But what can I say? I learned from the best.

                                                 Love, Sis

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