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custom e-poems - examples
To Joanne: My Bride of 25 Years


“My wife Joanne and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary next week and I want to surprise her with something special. She has been with me through thick and thin as I managed my ridiculously demanding business in the entertainment industry. She has been my partner in every way…here is the detail about how we met, etc…”


Do you remember that night back in ’79?
I knew at first sight that you had to be mine
You asked this young DJ to play you “My Way”
And I told you I’d play it but not till the next day

Perhaps not the most typical of first dates
I had you lugging equipment and my LP crates
You weren’t too sure into what you were getting
I introduced the bride and groom at our own wedding!

Through 1000’s of parties, there was no escaping
You even stepped in to do video taping
My life CEO, you ran the show day to day
Down to rolling posters for our Salon de la Mariée

Then the kids came along, unsure how we’d make out
All we could say was thank God for take-out!
Our household presented a particular quandary:
How could Sarah & Gerry produce so much laundry!

Now our son’s joined the business, a true legacy
One day, his own child will say “Dad’s gone to party.”
Your passion for tennis has my deepest support
You shine in my life but you glow in your sport

So, my roady, my partner, my lover, my friend
Let’s dance through this life till our journey’s end
I promise no music tonight by the fire
But can I take you to Jamaica when we retire?

                                                          Love, Steven


“I just wanted to thank you for making our 25th wedding anniversary truly special. Your custom poem to my wife was perfect - you got all the detailed information exactly right, it was very professional and the reaction from my wife was phenomenal. We have mounted our custom poem as a keepsake. This is truly a one-of-a-kind service and I would recommend it to anyone.”

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custom e-poems - examples
November Smile


My boyfriend and I met on-line a year ago. The funny thing is that we actually knew each other years ago, but I did not recognize him in his profile photo! Our anniversary is coming up and I would like to tell him how lucky we are to have found each other out of so many potential matches out there. Here's the whole story....

Rolex Kopi


It all started with an on-line smile
A little icon with a lot of style  
It sent a message without a word
Would my anonymous hello be heard?

Your sweet response was shyly sent
Please send a photo. Would I consent?
I did oblige and it was my pleasure
Perhaps you’d view it at your leisure

A shocking moment soon did follow
It made me nervous, hard to swallow
I learned you already knew my name
And decided to play a guessing game

At a total loss, I racked my brain
Hoping you wouldn’t cause too much pain
You teased me with each message you’d send
You sure got a kick from this game of pretend

Eventually, a light bulb went on
And I felt like I had finally won!
That was you? You’re kidding? Who knew?
If only I had known it was you

We picked up the phone and chatted profusely
Feeling at ease, conversation flowed loosely
We set up a date; we’d meet the next night
Grab a bite, catch up and see if things felt right

The next day seemed long as we anxiously waited
We did know each other, but we had never dated
The anticipation built till I got to your door
Mmm…you looked better than ever before.

We got re-acquainted and then went to dine
We had great conversation over glasses of wine
Then back to your place for a night cap or two
We both weren’t too sure what we should do

After hours of talking, you made your first move
From there, we slowly started to find our own groove
You were a true gentleman as the night went on late
You said I should stay and till morning should wait

It’s the first anniversary of that first date we had
Since then I am thankful for each day we add
The love we’ve developed makes each moment worthwhile
And we will never forget that first November smile


He really loved it, thank you!! You summed up our exact interaction, as per my details, in a beautiful rhyming sequence. I could have never pulled this off! He was trying to figure out how it could be so specific....he thinks your service is unique and brilliant.

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