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  Mother's Day  
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To Mamma


"We come from a big Italian family where food was always the center of attention. We are 4 kids who have since started families of our own. When we get together for family gatherings, the food preparation is overwhelming for mom. So, we try to offer alternate solutions. This Mother's Day, we are doing a pot luck at mom's for lunch. Of course she insists on cooking something anyway, so we have allowed her to prepare some meat and her home-made cannelloni. We know she replica vacheron constantin watches will make a ton of it, but at least she won't be making everything! We would like to present a little, funny poem to underline this. PS: She also has to deal with special food requests because both my niece and my daughter have recently gone vegetarian! She accepts this graciously, which is not easy for an Italian mamma!!" 


In your early years, you had a house full of kids
And as if our 4 big mouths weren’t enough
We always had friends over day and night
Because their mouths you also loved to stuff!

Now you have even more kids in your house
Our families make a big gang, indeed
It’s bad enough you make food for an army
You even have 2 vegetarians to feed!

Today, we tried to give you a little break
By asking you to make 2 things only
We know it’s hard tudor watches for you not to cook everything
So thank you for just the meat and orologi replica svizzeri cannelloni!



"I read this poem out loud at our Mother's Day lunch and everyone got a real kick out of it! Thanks for so perfectly summarizing our thoughts in a light and funny way. Momma loved it!"