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My Friend Sharon


I met Sharon 7 years ago on an online dating service. We met at Starbucks for our first date. I knew then I wanted her to be mine for a life time. We walked that night around the pond and I feel in love. She became my best friend. Then life got rough for the two of us, we both did things in the relationship that caused it to go bad. We both loved each other but realized it was to hard to make it work. We went our separate ways - her moving out of state and me staying. We met a couple of times after and if was WONDERFUL, however things went wrong again. I miss my friend and want her to know  that I miss that friendship and would like to work on the friendship again.

What we had was great, things in life changed. I miss her very much, and I miss my best friend.

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Years ago while online dating
I knew that it would be worth waiting
I sensed it from our first real date
Yes, I had found my perfect mate
At Starbuck’s was where we first met
I saw the face I would not forget
We strolled that night around the pond
And with every step I grew more fond

I fell in love with  my best friend
And stole each moment we could spend
My heart was spoiled with you, Sharon
Wanting all that I could share in

One day it changed as life got rough
We felt like we both had enough
Never meant to get the other upset
We both did things we’d later regret

No one to blame with each mistake
We always knew what was at stake
Our love was true but it was too hard
To heal the wounds of our hearts so scarred

From there we went our separate ways
Where every second felt like days
Although we tried to make a change
Our lives we could not rearrange

What we had was great, that’s what I miss
I wish together we could reminisce
And though it’s gone, Sharon I’d be thrilled
To renew a friendship we could build

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custom e-poems - examples
Poem For Jen



For Booh Bear

On that day across the field, as I watched you promenade
You were helping out some kids, I fell in love with my mermaid
It was only two years later that we would finally meet
That was the day that God decided to make my life complete

I was so proud of you, Booh Bear and how you loved to dance
I felt blessed that someone like you even would give me a chance
Your beauty so overwhelming, not just in looks but in your heart
Sometimes it made me worry that someday we’d be apart

One’s fear often turns to anger though it’s never meant that way
It sometimes can take over with hurtful words we shouldn’t say
I know you found it scary and one day you lost your nerve

My insecurities were not your fault, my actions you did not deserve

I’ve had this anger all my life and now my heart is in so much pain
Because a life without you can never be the same again
I’m looking for the answers, digging deep, an inner search
I’m seeing a life coach, a counselor and I’ve found comfort in the church

I am changing, please believe me and give this another try
We’ve invested too much love to simply turn and say goodbye
I don’t blame you but need forgiveness as I work to heal and grow
Take my hand, one day at a time, and I promise to take it slow.

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