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  Get Well Soon  
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Get Well, Jerry!


A colleague of mine has fallen ill and I would like to cheer him up with an uplifting poem. He is an executive at Telus and is a very giving and well-respected man. Last year, he set a good example by taking a wheelchair challenge for our annual fundraising campaign. He is now trying to motivate more corporate teams to sign up. He has been in and out of the hospital and concerned about his health. Mostly, he finds it is cutting into his lifestyle. We would like to thank him for all he has done for us as well as send him a get well wish...

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I felt your kindness the first time we met
Just how generous you are I didn’t know yet
You heard of our cause and made us aware
Of your total commitment when you sat in the chair!
Your staff wasn’t surprised by your usual charm
Wheeling into the boardroom and causing no harm
They’re lucky to have you heading up Telus
How respected you are they don’t need to tell us
Now you’re dealing with doctors and fear the unknown
Wishing it would just go away and leave you alone
Doing business as usual so others won’t notice 
It’s hard when you’re waiting for a diagnosis
You’ve done so much for others in your leadership role
It’s clear that you give with your heart and your soul
We want to say thank you and may you always excel
Please know we’re thinking of you and we wish you well


Thanks, he loved it. you have a true talent.

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