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custom e-poems - examples
To Annabelle: The Soul of Our School


“I have a colleague named Annabelle, and she is the soul of the school, she is taking a sabbatical for a year come this spring. We cannot fathom living in a school with out our Annabelle. She is kind, honest, a great thinker and so wonderful. She will be missed. Her job is the Director of Business Administration but she runs Human Resources and is the zaniest person here....

Would love to have a poem written up about how much we will miss her and how proud of her we are to take this leap to France for a year with her family. Hope you can work with this, let me know if you need more info, anxiously awaiting a great poem.”


There are very few people who, just by their grace,
Illuminate hallways with the smile on their face
Our school has the honor of having one here
And the reasons we love her are crystal clear

Anne, you take on your duties with such dedication
You’re a shining example to the next generation
Dealing with faculty, imperfections and all
You still manage to look like you’re having a ball

No matter what, never an unkind word’s spoken
We’re in awe that your spirit just cannot be broken
A real forward thinker, your mind is a wonder
We’d like to know what magical spell you’re under

Your honest approach is a beacon to us
Shedding light on whatever we have to discuss
It’s our privilege to have you in our midst
You simply can’t know how much you’ll be missed

But the time now is yours for this journey to take
No more perfect gift to yourself you could make
You’re an inspiration in taking this chance
Of spending a year with your family in France

You deserve the time off and we’re so filled with pride
That you’re bringing yourself on this personal ride
We know you’ll be back and we do wish you well
But it won’t be the same without our Annabelle


                                             Your Colleagues


“Oh my God! It’s fantastic - just what I needed. Great work. I will pass along your site…Again awesome!” 

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custom e-poems - examples
To Ellen: A Woman in Bloom


“A star employee of ours, Ellen, has just been promoted to a job that is outside of her comfort zone. We are thrilled to have her there, but she seems to be lacking confidence. We would like to encourage her as she takes on this new challenge. Can you help? FYI, we will be giving her a plant for her new office as a gift to accompany what you’re going to write. Thanks.”

osmrtnic livno smrtovnice


Sometimes life plants a new seed
A challenge perhaps our soul to feed
If there’s courage to take that chance
In a new direction we will advance

We chose you with confidence and pride
Honored to have been able to keep you inside
Life the plant of life, you will bloom and grow
And a new range of colors soon will show

With each new day you will cultivate
New skills that will take you from good to great
A nurturing mind will flourish within
Glad that on this new path you did begin

We have all the confidence that you can do it
Just persevere and put your mind to it
You’ve already shown your potential so far
In no time at all you’ll be a true shining star




“We just gave Ellen her plant and poem together and she was truly touched. We love the way you incorporated the plant references into what you wrote – it perfectly summarized what we were trying to say! Thanks again.”