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custom e-poems - examples
To Jane: Superwoman


“My boss recently got a huge promotion and is feeling slightly overwhelmed under the pressure. She has demands both at home and at the office. She has young twins who need her for school, all their sporting activities, and sometimes just plain downtime with mom. Her role 

as an executive at work means long hours as well as dealing with many details, staffing issues and fast decision-making on a daily basis. We still don’t know how she does it, but I want her to know that she is highly respected and somehow does it all without falling apart! She is one of those women who have found the secret to magically balancing career and family and we are in awe of her energy. Please help us put this into words to let her know that her managers support her in her new post!”


osmrtnic livno smrtovnice


A woman like you needs superhuman powers
To deal with life and all its taxing hours
Juggling demands of family and careers
To the point where even sleep is in arrears

It's coming at you from all directions
From corporate overhauls to ear infections
Early mornings, late nights and now the weekend
It's a wonder you're not falling off the deep end

Two children at home and too many children here
Your exuberant style is the key, it's clear
You pull it all off with energy to spare
Smiling through the struggles with passion and care

A leader, a mentor, fair and to the letter
The scales of justice couldn't balance it better
You may not actually be Superwoman
But never doubt that you are a super woman

                                                   Your colleagues



“Thank you so much for so perfectly summarizing what we did not know how to say. We left a card with this poem on our boss’ desk. She told us that she burst into tears when she read it. To this day, she still refers to how we think she’s Superwoman! It meant the world to her.”